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Retirement Income Planning

Climbing to the top of a mountain is considered by many to be one of life's greatest achievements. However, the real goal of climbing is not simply to reach the top, but to reach the top and return safely. Considering that 80% of climbing accidents occur on the descent, it is this second half of the journey that presents the greatest risk…and requires the most planning.

The same can be said for retirement income planning

For years, people have focused intensely on accumulating enough assets ("climbing to the top of the mountain”). However, the biggest risks facing retirees occur during the income distribution phase when we retire and begin to live on our retirement savings ("climbing back down the mountain”).

As we begin this second half of our journey, we are faced with unique and potentially devastating risks such as market, sequence of return, inflation, liquidity, longevity, taxation, health and legacy risks. Just like climbing a mountain, those who acknowledge and address these risks will be most likely to safely and successfully complete their journey.

We understand that, traditionally, the retirement income planning process can seem overwhelming and complex. However, because of its great importance, we did not want these barriers to leave our clients unprepared. For this reason, we developed The R.I.S.K. Process™ an effective, time-tested approach that simplifies the complexity of retirement planning and guides you through the process of building a personal Retirement Income Survival Kit™.


A proprietary program for participants age 50+ to build a Retirement Income Survival Kit that addresses the following:

  1. Transitioning from Asset allocation to Income Allocation
  2. Determining a safe withdrawal percentage
  3. Addressing the Risks that are faced in retirement (liquidity, longevity, market, sequence of returns, inflation, health, legacy, taxation)

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